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Join us for the Saratoga Jewish Community Arts...

Open to the Public - A series of fun and family-friendly events!

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THE BRAID: I LOVED JEW, I LOVED JEW NOT - February 1, 2024 at 7pm Live on Zoom

The Braid, formerly Jewish Women’s Theater, lays bare antisemitism with true stories by acclaimed writers in I Loved Jew, I Loved Jew Not. It airs "live on Zoom" on February 1 at 7 pm. The production is real, raw and reflective of our times. Whether Jewish or not, audiences will be moved by these stories, finding in them a warmth and a strength that has remained steadfast among the Jewish community for thousands of years. Register Here

ANCESTRAL JOURNEYS - February 10 - 11, 2024 from 2 - 4pm at various locations

Rabbi Simcha Raphael, Ph.D. explores the unique texts and Jewish legends of our Biblical ancestors in the sacred writings of the Torah and Mishna. Through study and reflection, we will investigate stories reveaing to us how our ancestors dealt with love and loss, grief and bereavement, so that we may discover for ourselves guidelines for responding to end of life transitions and encounters with the unknown in our times..


This Shabatton event will be presented in four locations on February 10-11, 2024. Separate registration is required for each program, click on the date/time below to register.

Feb. 10 at 9:30am at Congregation Shaara Tfille in Saratoga Springs, NY

Feb. 10 at 5:30pm at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY

Feb. 11 at 10am at Congregation Beth El in Bennington, VT

Feb. 11 at 2pm at Congregation Beth Shalom in Clifton Park, NY


Named in honor of our dear friend Mathew M. Neugroschel, a most creative and remarkable storyteller, this program features a talented lineup of regional story tellers emceed by Beth Sabo Novik. One of our most popular programs every year! Attend in person at Skidmore College or on Zoom.

THE BRAID: YEARNING TO BE FREE - March 28 at 7pm (Live on zoom)

The Braid, formerly Jewish Women’s Theater, presents an untold drama of leaving one's country and settling in a new one with amusing, profound and true stories.

PANEL DISCUSSION: COLLIDING DREAMS - April 28 at 7pm (on zoom)

"To be a Zionist it is not necessary to be mad," said Chaim Weismann, Israel's first president, "but it helps." This feature length documentary explores the dream of a Jewish homeland and its impact on Jews and Arabs over 150 years.


Holocaust survivors gather each summer at an idyllic hideaway in the Catskills where they savor tightly bonded relations, find new love, and celebrate their survival. Several believe they survived through God's love or because they were poor and knew better than the rich how to survive; others are convinced dumb luck saved them. The film grew out of a series of articles by New York Times reporter Andrew Jacobs.

THE BRAID: WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS HERITAGE - June 6 at 7pm (Live on zoom)

Join the Braid for a whimsical and thought-provoking journey into the lives of Asian Jews as they reveal their true stories of struggle and triumph, holding two age-old traditions in their heart.

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